Stop! You’re under arrest for being a gay homosexual lesbian in Florida

Now that America is well on its way to being full-on gay homosexual rainbow flag-waving equality-for-all-land, what with state after state after state jumping on the marriage rights bandwagon and the Supreme Court >> Read more >>

Lesbian couple to comply with judge’s order enforcing ‘morality clause’

A lesbian mom plans to comply with a Collin County judge’s order saying her partner must move out under a “morality clause” that was included in a divorce settlement with her ex-husband, according to a statement >> Read more >>

The follies of lesbian dating and relationships

Insecurity. The word, the very thought, and the haunting emotion are all components of one central idea to which the vast majority of us conform. Arguably the defining motive for behavior, a catalyst for creation >> Read more >>

Avoid these online lesbian dating profile traps

Many of us lead very hectic lives. We are either working, in school, parenting or doing all three. Who has time to go to a bar or club to meet a woman? Alas, online dating saves the day. But how do you navigate >> Read more >>

Can religion and gay dating ever coexist?

Religion is typically a controversial topic for most, but it's an especially controversial issue for gay people, because of what religion often says about sexual orientation. This is a significant topic for me >> Read more >>

App aims to help women find women

One evening, Vancouver entrepreneur Jacqueline Clarke hung out with a gay male friend who was "constantly Grinding". "I was, like, that's so rude. Why are you doing that?" she says. Her friend—for those not >> Read more >>

Rules for dating in the lesbian world

Have you ever felt ashamed because you appeared too needy to a woman? Have you noticed that the second you give in to a woman and show her that you are interested, she suddenly does a disappearing act? Ever feel >> Read more >>

Why are straight men using lesbian dating sites?

Online dating apps are big business in the UK but there is still one very real problem preventing developers from real and sustainable growth: users can't be 100pc sure that the person they are talking to is the >> Read more >>

Gaydar fights back with mobile web service

International gay dating brand Gaydar is fighting back against its competitors today (3 May) with the launch of its new mobile web service. Gaydar has long held a market-leading position for its desktop-based >> Read more >>

Ten places to meet LGBT singles

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