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How do I choose an officiant for my lesbian wedding?

With few exceptions to this rule, allow yourself enough time to be thoughtful and thorough in your search for the perfect officiant. The person you choose will play an integral role in one of the most important >> Read more >>

“Options open” lesbian dating

It is no fun if you’re struggling with the relationship you’re in right now, or if you’re dating (or so frustrated that you’re NOT dating) and you’re starting to lose hope and feeling almost desperate to find >> Read more >>

Lesbian dating guru gives some advice

More than a year ago, Milly DuBouchet quit her full-time job as a financial advisor to help lesbians in New York up their dating game. She launched the website LezFactor, a counseling service that helps lesbians >> Read more >>

Women – by Women Locked-Up

Mars, Venus and Dr Phil aside, I am curious about many issues we women struggle with. You can imagine where I’m likely to go with this… or can you? The participants in the following are all women from various >> Read more >>

Lesbian dating: Arranging your first date

It is important to put some effort into arranging your first date with her, in order to increase its chances of success. This could even help to convince her that she wants to see you again. You can arrange >> Read more >>

Winning tips for lesbian dating

Once again, you have asked a lady out for a first date. You are very familiar with this scenario. In fact, you feel like you are the expert on Lesbian First Dates. In other words, you are an expert at having >> Read more >>

My gay experiment: A lesbian date

My gay experiment started when I was sixteen, and ended with me going on the best date of my life, with a girl. Let me start from the beginning, when I was sixteen, my mother took me to the hairdressers to get >> Read more >>

Voluntary celibacy and lesbian experience

The title of this piece is homage to late lesbian poet Adrienne Rich, who wrote a stunning essay called “Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Experience.” In it, she argues for the basis of what we at Smith >> Read more >>

Gay and lesbian dating: Becoming more emotionally intelligent

It’s become an increasingly understood and accepted idea that mental or cognitive abilities (such as memory and problem solving) are not the only ‘intelligences’ important to living. While many still focus >> Read more >>