Love doctor to take lesbian dating website global

A lesbian dating site set up in Britain could soon expand to America.

Pink Lobster Dating, the first internet dating site dedicated to lesbians, was the brainchild of town entrepreneur Juliette Prais.

She launched the site back in February and it has attracted thousands of users in the space of six months.

Now, matchmaker Juliette wants to take her website global, spreading the love across the Atlantic.

“It’s been manic,” the 34-year-old said. “We’re going to be launching in America any time now. It’s taken off so well and it’s all moving incredibly quickly.

“Because it’s unlike any other dating website, I don’t expect to have millions of members. It will now be very interesting to see how it does in America. Magazines and media are very limited for the gay community in the UK, but there are a lot more in America. This makes the US a bigger market. You have more magazines and more bloggers talking about it over there. They are more open to it (lesbianism).”

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