Opinion: Your sexuality is your choice not your DNA

I’m sorry to the people that will be offended by this note, but honestly I need to get this out. Homosexuality has become the new epidemic disease and it needs to be addressed.  A friend of mine sent me an article today from the UK about the a petition being circulated on the internet for the same-sex union of two notable children’s character figures of Sesame Street, Bert and Ernie. Let’s take a minute and read that again, then think. This world needs to stop and take a minute and look at who we have allowed to have a voice. Being gay is a choice. Not one human being that was ever created from the earth’s inception, neither from “man’s conception was born gay. There is no genetic “homosexual trait” that is, or ever was passed on. A being chooses their sexual orientation based on what they have allowed themselves to be exposed to or enriched their minds with. I will repeat this: homosexuality is a choice; no one was created that way.

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  1. You say that it is a pure choice. Then you must find it a tell-tale that the length of your middle finger compared with the length of your pointing finger can tell something about your sexual orientation?

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