The follies of lesbian dating and relationships

Insecurity. The word, the very thought, and the haunting emotion are all components of one central idea to which the vast majority of us conform. Arguably the defining motive for behavior, a catalyst for creation and destruction, insecurity, and all it includes, affects every aspect of our lives, including our relationships. Lesbian relationships in particular fall prey to its inevitable lures, as the almost incestual dating of an ex of a friend of an ex is certain to occur, along with the sad but true instance where there is always bound to be a territorial spat, and the unquestionable fact that there will always be someone more attractive, more intelligent, and more successful to compete with. If you happen to hear a rogue beer bottle crash somewhere in the distance, you can be sure that a lesbian being dragged out of the bar by the scruff of her popped-up collar isn’t far behind. As the bouncer drags her along through the sea of cargo shorts and skinny jeans, polo shirts and plaid, the girl whose faux-hawk launched a thousand fists can be found (in a fit of drunken hysteria, no less) hiding in the bathroom stall — that is, the stall not being occupied by the enamored couple who just couldn’t make it home. This girl, though seemingly helpless, often plays a game all her own, one that rivals that of the stereotypical player.

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