Lesbian couple to comply with judge’s order enforcing ‘morality clause’

A lesbian mom plans to comply with a Collin County judge’s order saying her partner must move out under a “morality clause” that was included in a divorce settlement with her ex-husband, according to a statement from her attorneys. The statement released Monday afternoon also indicates that Carolyn Compton’s ex-husband unsuccessfully sought to have her jailed for violating the morality clause by living with her lesbian partner. Compton has custody of two children from her marriage to Joshua Compton, and she shares a home with her partner of three years, Page Price. The morality clause says Compton cannot have anyone in her home between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. if it is “an intimate dating relationship” but they are not married. Under Texas law, Compton cannot marry Price. Joshua Compton reportedly went to court to enforce the morality clause after hiring a private investigator to spy on his ex-wife.

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