Rules for dating in the lesbian world

Have you ever felt ashamed because you appeared too needy to a woman? Have you noticed that the second you give in to a woman and show her that you are interested, she suddenly does a disappearing act? Ever feel taken for granted? Then you’re maybe the nice girl and not the dream girl, unfortunately! When I say “bad girl,” I’m talking about a woman who is strong-minded and strong in heart. She has a life of her own and will not let anybody think that they have a hold on her. She knows what she wants and how to get it! Here are some basic reasons why lesbians love “the bad girl”: Rule #1: The first thing you need to know is that it is human nature for people to love to “chase” after the object of their affection. It’s the whole cat-and-mouse thing. What a woman need to keep in mind is that no one finds a hand-out desirable. Dykes like to feel like they’ve achieved something! When a woman doesn’t give in so easily and stops being a doormat, it becomes hunting time for the one in pursuit.

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