App aims to help women find women

One evening, Vancouver entrepreneur Jacqueline Clarke hung out with a gay male friend who was “constantly Grinding”. “I was, like, that’s so rude. Why are you doing that?” she says. Her friend—for those not yet in the know—wasn’t doing anything physical. (Well, not quite yet.) He was using Grindr, the popular social-networking application that helps men seeking men find available guys in close proximity, on his cellphone. Consequently, Clarke wondered why there isn’t one for girls. Clarke is tired of the stereotype that women attracted to women aren’t as interested in hooking up as other gender-coupling configurations. “Gay men in particular are somewhat known for being the most promiscuous on the spectrum of various sexualities,” Clarke tells the Georgia Straight at a downtown coffee shop.” Women seem to be, for some reason, on the lower end. And that’s just not true….That I personally do think is kind of boring.” And so, Clarke started up the Vancouver-based company Sizzr App Inc., which is developing a female-to-female application that will help women hook up with one another.

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