Why are straight men using lesbian dating sites?

Online dating apps are big business in the UK but there is still one very real problem preventing developers from real and sustainable growth: users can’t be 100pc sure that the person they are talking to is the person that they say they are. Even the app developers admit this is a problem: so-called “catfishing” – where someone pretends to be someone they are not by setting up a fake online profile on Facebook or any other social media site – is alive and kicking, they say. Whether it’s out of curioristy, boredom or sheer spite, nowhere is the problem more astute than in the lesbian online dating community, say developers, where men pose as women to get to know other female users. As many as one in 10 people signing up to lesbian dating app Dattch are actually male, according to founder Robyn Exton, who is fighting back against the nasty trend.

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  1. Yes, we also saw the same trend. The best solution is to tell our members to trust paid members only as those fake profiles never buy paid membership.

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